Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

Picture this: It’s 3:00pm and the day started out totally productive, yet as the day continues you find about 7.5 million other things that you absolutely HAVE to accomplish today.  Nevermind that you spent 3 whole hours yesterday (on a Sunday too!) cleaning the kitchen from ceiling to floor.  That was nothing.  Today you find yourself running crazy from one task to the next, not completing a single thing and doubling back about a thousand times to complete a task you only half-touched before you got distracted by another 18 of them.  Sound familiar?

You may feel like you’ve been seamlessly moving from task to task accomplishing a lot.

You haven’t.

Your behavior is bordering on frantic and is definitely unorganized.

The kitchen is a mess again (and you want to scream).  Laundry is sorted neatly into piles but you’ve only finished one load – and that’s in a pile on the couch waiting patiently to be folded.

The DIY project you’re currently working on is on the back porch drying – as you’ve just applied the 3rd coat of clear glaze to the back of it.  Once that’s done you can start on the front.

The necklace you wore to your grandma’s funeral broke last month and it is patiently waiting on the breakfast bar for you to re-wire it like you said you would.

Oh, and the stairs need to be swept and the garage cleaned and organized – again.

And don’t forget the KonMari de-cluttering project you’ve started with all the clothes in the house.

Oh yeah, AND you still have to get some work done today.  Which you’ve been doing. all. day.  But what have you really accomplished?  Not as much as you should if you managed your time effectively.

But this is more than that.  You’re stressed out and you need a break.  The back and forth is a sign of poor concentration, which happens when you’re stressed out.

It’s time for a break.

Ways to relieve Stress for Busy Moms

Here are 11 healthy ways to relieve stress for busy moms – 

without the ever-popular pills or alcohol (even though a drink probably sounds amazingly tempting right now). 😉

Listen to some music.  

Cater it to your mood.  Some days I just need some Korn and 5 Finger Death Punch while I clean the house (of course – that’s just for when the kids aren’t home.) 😉  Other days I need Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas and Darius Rucker.  Or maybe it’s Aerosmith I’m craving.  How about some Carrie Underwood, Reba, and Florida Georgia Line?  Absolutely.  Whatever suits your mood.  Music is an amazing stress reliever.

Sit down and have a cup of tea (or coffee!).  

Yes, okay I know it’s cliche, but it works.  Hot tea, iced tea, coffee:  the point is to stop all the movement and relax for a minute so your mind can reset.

Be realistic with your expectations.

Acknowledge that while you may be super-mom, you simply cannot accomplish everything in a day.   You’re not going to finish 17 loads of laundry in one day.  Okay, so maybe you will but you won’t be doing anything else all day.

Do a brain dump and time block your priorities.  

This is something you can do at night on a regular basis to ensure you are managing your time in the most productive way.  Doing this can also alleviate stress because you will have everything out in front of you and you can plan it all.  Sometimes a mid-day brain dump is totally needed so if that’s the case, do it.  It will work wonders.  Once those thoughts are not flying around like buzzing bees in your brain, you will be able to be more productive and your stress will significantly decrease.

Make a list.  

I am a huge list-maker and I absolutely love the visual satisfaction of crossing something off of my list or putting that beautiful check mark by it to signify the task is completed.  Figure out what you need to accomplish and write it down.

Take a hot bubble bath or shower.  

Nothing can relax you like a hot bubble bath and a good book.  Take a few minutes to yourself.  Soak in a hot bath and just relax.  If you’re not a bath person, try the shower.  Maybe you don’t have enough time for a long bath.  Try a nice hot shower.  Turn off the lights and light some candles.  The low light will relax your brain and your muscles and when you step back in the world, you’ll be brand new!  I’m serious.  The hot shower works wonders for me.

Ways to Relieve Stress for Moms

Unplug for a while.  

Put your phone away.  Who really cares what’s going on in social media? The reality and the importance of your life is surrounding you in the real world.  Take it all in.  Enjoy your surroundings.  Spend some face to face time with your kids.  They need it and so do you.

Get moving, but in a healthy way.

Go for a walk or a run.  Take a walk around the neighborhood with your kids or with your spouse.  Make it a family event!  Like to run like I do?  Carve out some time in your day every day to go for your run.  Love to dance?  Sign up for a dance class!  You will be amazed at the results!

Be creative.  

Paint something.  Make some jewelry.  Find a craft you love and start working on it.  Figure out how to complete that DIY project you’ve been procrastinating on. Do something creative – you’ll use a different part of your brain and it will help you relax.

Be selfish.

For once, focus on yourself.  As busy moms we very often forget about ourselves.  Don’t do that.  Find something you love to do and make time for it.  Self-care is so important and often as busy moms we forget that in order to care for everyone else we have to first care for ourselves.

Set limits.

Tell yourself that you will stop working and relax at a certain time and do it.  Everything will still be there tomorrow.  You can start again with a fresh outlook on the day.

Do you want more tips on stress relief and the overwhelm?  Do you love being a mom, but struggle with some things?  Maybe you’re looking for even more ways to relieve stress for busy moms.

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2 comments on “11 Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress for Busy Moms”

  1. I’m a list maker myself. If I’ve got too much on my mind (things to do etc.) I always find writing them down takes the pressure off a little- because at least I don’t have to think about it anymore.

    • Hi Gayle, yes I love lists! I try to do a ‘brain dump’ every night before I go to bed so I can get all of those thoughts out of my head and down on paper. It’s the first step in achieving our goals.

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