Keep Your Focus Amidst Distractions

There is one word I am famous for in the house.  (Well, probably there are many and maybe even a few I don’t know about!) I have noticed a lot over the past year that I consistently say ONE word A LOT to my kids – especially my 10-year-old: FOCUS.  I say it to myself.  OFTEN.  You see, we all get distracted.  It is natural.  You promise yourself you’ll get better not only at goal setting but also the follow-through.  Then you start on one task and something gets thrown in the mix and suddenly you are off in an entirely different direction wondering how you got there.  You completely forget how to keep your focus amidst distractions.  How many times has that happened to you?  It happens to me.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.

Goal Setting is a process.  It’s definitely not a one-and-done type of task.  It takes persistence, dedication, and determination. 

Do you have goals?  Do you have an area (in your house or in your life)  you would like to organize a little better? Maybe tighten up on your budget a bit?  Would you like to be more creative, or earn some extra money?  Maybe you would like to spend more time with your children and be more engaged in their daily lives.  Maybe you want to strengthen your marriage.  All of this is possible!  All it takes is one simple yet essential ingredient:

How to keep your focus amidst distraction

Distraction happens with business and it happens with personal stuff too.  It almost ALWAYS happens with goals if you don’t have a very detailed action plan!

If your goal is to be successful, you must F.O.C.U.S. and beware of S.O.S.!

FOCUS acronym for successful goal setting
How to be successful

It is imperative to

Follow.  One.  Course.  Until.  Successful. 

I made this to remind all of us all of how to achieve our goals.  I also hung it in my office area to keep me on track as I work on developing my blog, email, list, and monetizing goals!  Creating a blog can be quite the daunting task and there are a plethora of ‘shiny objects’ out there to grab our attention and distract us from our goal.

Here are some simple tips to avoid SOS and keep your focus amidst distractions!

  1. Write out your goal.  Make it visible.  Post it somewhere you can see it.  Visible, tangible goals are easier to focus on.
  2. Set a deadline.  Give yourself ample time, but give yourself an end date.  This will keep you motivated and push you to reach your goal.
  3. Make a list of mini goals that will help you reach your main goal and set deadlines for those.
  4. Celebrate your victories!  Once you accomplish a goal, write it down, or check it off.  If you have stickers or stars, you could even put a shiny star on that goal.  It sounds silly, but visual aids are amazing help sometimes!
  5. If you need to re-work your list, go for it.  What’s important is that you accomplish your goal every step of the way!

Make it fun.  Remember, this is a goal you are setting for yourself.  It is something you want – enjoy the process!  The prize in the end is worth it! 🙂

I am so excited that you have joined me on this quest to ‘become better every day!’ 

Leave a comment below and let me know what your goals are.  What do you want to accomplish over the next year?  What is standing in your way?  How can I help you?  I can’t wait to hear from you and cheer for you as you accomplish your goals! 

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