Hi everyone!  I am super excited to announce that My Aggrandized Life has been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Maria from Dapper House Designs.  Read her nomination post here.  🙂

Blogger Recognition Award

I just love Maria’s blog – especially her organization tips!  If you have not checked out her blog, you’re missing so much amazing content. If you’re a busy mom – WAHM or WOOHM (Work Out of home mom 🙂 ) – her simple budget-friendly organization tips will rock your world!

Some people may look at the Blogger Recognition Award and say, “Oh yeah, that’s just a fluffed up way to get people to your blog – it’s not really an award that means anything.”  I do not believe that for a minute.

Yes, the Blogger Recognition Award was created by bloggers for bloggers.  Yes, it does drive organic traffic and referral traffic to our sites through the links from the nominator’s website and when the nominees link back to the nominator’s website.  It does bring traffic and hopefully gains us some engaged readers and subscribers.

Blogger Recognition Award

But it also represents courage, authenticity, hard work, understanding, and appreciation.   Some days, in our blogger world, that is just what we need to keep us going.  Maybe you are struggling with page views, list building, or traffic.  Maybe you just have a stubborn case of writer’s block.  Seeing your name and your blog – your work – listed as a nominee for this award – any award – on another blogger’s site is validation for all those times you thought no one would ready your writing, or that no one would care.  It is recognition for all of the hard work, time, struggle, and love that goes into a blog.  The award can mean whatever you want it to mean.  I don’t need anyone to tell me what it means.  I know what it means to me.  And that is what matters to me.

Always, always help others any time you can. That is why we started this blogging thing,… Click To Tweet

You know what else matters?  Helping other bloggers get noticed and feel appreciated by their peers through being nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award.  Some days a simple thank you – or heartfelt comment to a post – goes a long way.  Look at the Blogger Recognition Award just like that.  A thank you.

In order for me to accept this award, I have a few tasks to complete

 Recognizing the blogger who nominated me for the award and providing a link to her blog

Maria at Dapper House Designs – thank you so much for recognizing my hard work and my dedication to My Aggrandized Life and helping other moms ‘Become Better Everyday’ and Love the Life they Live. I absolutely love your design and inspiration – and it seems we have a lot in common – like being from Florida and loving to watch our husbands play video games. 😉

Write a post to showcase the Blogger Recognition Award

you’re reading it! 😉

Write a Story About How or Why I Started My Blog

I started this year wanting to enrich our lives and be a better wife, better mother, just better all around in life.  See, we had just come out of the absolute worst year of our lives and I was absolutely determined to only go UP from this point forward.  All of my goals involved being better at some part of life:  budgeting, being more engaged and more present with my kids, being better at organization and chores, being better at money, finding better ways to do things.   I know I am not the only mom or wife out there who wanted these things, so I decided to write a blog to help other moms like me.

When I was trying to figure out what to name my blog, I came across the word aggrandize.

It instantly drew me for 2 reasons:

1. “Aggrandize” means to make great or greater in power, wealth, rank, or honor; to widen in scope, increase in intensity.  My whole idea for the blog dealt with me wanting to be better in all areas of my life – for myself and for others.  I wanted to improve my life and help others improve theirs in ways they only dreamed were possible.   and

2.  My name, Grandi, is smack dab in the center of the word Aggrandize: agGRANDIze.  To me, it felt like a sign.  This is exactly what I am supposed to do.  I came up with the mantra “Becoming Better Everyday” and “Love the Life You Live”.  Those are my goals – to help you Become Better Every Day and Love the Life You Live.  I sign all my emails and my posts with that tagline in the hopes it somewhere sinks in and makes a difference. 🙂

Ultimate Busy Parents Survival Guide

I must give new bloggers 2 pieces of advice (okay so I’m an over-achiever – here are 4)


The first and foremost thing to focus on is content.  I cannot say this enough.  Content, content, content.  Without high quality content, you will have no traffic and no subscribers.  Content first.  After that, figure out what strategies you want to use to grow traffic and subscribers and focus on those.  Don’t be obsessive about your traffic and your subscribers list everyday, but be cognizant of it.  Make your plan and focus on it.  Have goals and know where you want to go.


Use a planner,whiteboard, sticky note organization system, checklists, color-coded notes and pens, or something.  Write it all down somehow, someway.  It doesn’t matter how, or on what,  just do whatever works for you.  Have all of your tasks outlined and organized.  Focus on a few key tasks a day and complete those.  Know that it is ALWAYS going to take you longer than you expected in the beginning until you get into a rhythm and have certain tasks either outsourced or automated.

Don’t Get Discouraged.  

You can do this.  Use the support systems you have in arm’s reach – Pinterest groups, Facebook groups, courses, mentors.  If I can do this in our busy house of 7, you can do this!  Have faith in yourself and believe in your goals.

Help Others.

Always, always help others any time you can.  After all, that is why we started this blogging thing, anyways, right? 😉

I must select 15 other bloggers to receive the Blogger Recognition Award from me

(woohoo! This is my favorite part!)

1. Victoria from http://www.MyMomtasticLife.com

2. Saidy from http://www.SimplySaidy.com

3.  Coby from A Nourished Mom

4. Michele from Love, Laugh, Caribbean

5. Amanda from The Determined Mom

6.  Mini from Dazzling Zest

7. Ashley Rae & Lyndsay Jean from JeanieRae

8. Victoria from Victoria Hamilton Lifestyle 

9.  Kerry from Barking Storm

10. Sreya from Half Chocolate 

11. Dee from Lacey Wishes

12. Kirsta from Mama of the Drama

13.  Gayle from The Ever-Simple Mom

14.  Gina from Momm(a)Musing

15.  Courtney from The Curly Anomaly

I must leave a comment on my nominee’s blogs letting them know I am nominating them for the Blogger Recognition Award, and provide them with the link to this post.  

Being the over-achiever that I am, I have decided that I am going to take this one step further.  😉

  These 15 bloggers are being featured in the first post of my “Ultimate Bloggers to Follow” series.  

Congratulations to all of the bloggers who have been nominated for this awesome award!  You deserve it!  Please keep paying it forward.

Do you know a blogger who should be featured?  Leave a comment below and tell me about them!

 Would you like to be a Featured Blogger in the “Ultimate Bloggers to Follow” series?

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