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Child Safety – 4 Ways to Protect Your Children from Predators

While a very serious and scary subject, it is my sincere hope that this post helps you find some additional ways to keep your children safe in today’s society, and that we all look at this as a positive thing from the need for the implementation of a safety plan and being equipped with the tools to do […]

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Beware of SOS: Shiny Object Syndrome – How to Keep Your Focus Amidst Distractions

There is one word I am famous for in the house.  (Well, probably there are many and maybe even a few I don’t know about!) I have noticed a lot over the past year that I consistently say ONE word A LOT to my kids – especially my 10-year-old: FOCUS.  I say it to myself.  […]

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Kids and Family

Budget DIY: “Focus” Canvas Art – Motivational Quote to Help You Stay Focused!

What’s your creative focus? I absolutely LOVE being creative, and I absolutely LOVE DIY projects.  My husband loves budget friendly projects, so I am learning to be even more creative and love them myself!  I’m so super proud of myself when I can make something beautiful for less than $10.00.  Doing this takes incredible focus, but […]