Are you a busy mom who sometimes feel stretched too thin?

Do you have a lot going on, but love the organized chaos?

Do you feel like you could be doing more with your time?

If so, then you will LOVE the Montessori-Inspired Busy Mom’s Survival Guide!

Packed FULL of helpful schedule tools, printables and charts, this guide is a dream for anyone who loves to be organized and efficient!  

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  • Weekly Goal Planner Worksheet with Weekly Meal Planner on it

  • Daily Priority Planners with space for brain dump and planning

  • Motivational Quotes to keep you going

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The Back-To-School Survival Guide for Moms + Kids Will Include the Following Amazing Content to Help You Organize Your Life and Gain the most out of your time:

  • Back to School Workbook Bundle Includes:

  • School Calendar / Important Dates
  • Back to School the Montessori Way Guide
  • Contact Information at a Glance (School and Parents) Cards
  • School Supplies Inventory List
  • Labels for School Supply Bins and Backpacks
  • 30 Days of Healthy School Lunches
  • Lunchbox Love Notes
  • Tips to Combat Separations Anxiety for Moms & Kids
  • Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas
  • Parent Involvement Ideas for the Classroom
  • Homework Schedule
  • Weekly Activity Schedule
  • 9 weeks at a glance – project due dates & planning guide
  • Notes and printables pages to keep you organized
  • and more!

Define Your Dreams Workbook

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Goals at a Glance Worksheet
  • Income Goals
  • Personal Goals Worksheets
  • Short and Long-Term Goals Worksheets
  • Bucket List Printables for the Whole Family
  • and more!

Organize Your Kids Workbook Includes:

  • Monthly Kids Activity Calendars
  • Weekly Kids’ Activity Calendars
  • Important Things This Week at a Glance
  • My Special color-coding strategy that guarantees you won’t miss another activity
  • School calendar – activities & days off
  • School events and sign up deadlines
  • School year expenses at a glance
  • and more!

Organize Your Home Workbook Includes:

  • Family Accountability Chart
  • Weekly Responsibility Tracker
  • Family Time Sheets
  • Labels and Descriptions for Cleaning Baskets for Each Room (helps teach independence)
  • My Family Command Center system with clipboards, labels, and instructions
  • Monthly Household Responsibilities
  • Weekly Household Responsibilities
  • Annual Household Responsibilities
  • and More!

Simplified Budget Workbook Includes:

  • Monthly Expense Tracker
  • Monthly Budget at a Glance broken down by week
  • Budget Brainstorm System
  • Savings Plans – Monthly and Annual
  • Annual Event Budget for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, school events
  • and more!

Meal Plans and Shopping Workbook Includes:

  • Monthly Meal Plan With Recipe Suggestions for 30 days
  • My exclusive system I use to track the best deals, discounts, and rebates so I earn money while I shop
  • Household Shopping List
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • and more!

The Montessori-Inspired Home Workbook

  • Preparing the Environment
  • Breakdown of How to Implement Montessori in Each Area
  • Suggestions for Lessons in Each Area
  • and more!

General Pages:

  • Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going
  • Brain Dump Journal Pages
  • Username and Passwords List for all accounts
  • Time Blocking and Daily Plan Sheets
  • Access to My Free 7-Day Time Management Email Course Guaranteed to Give You 20+ Extra Hours a Week!

For the Blogging Mom:

  • Daily Blog Planner Checklist
  • Weekly Blog Planner
  • Weekly Goals
  • Monthly Blog Planner
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Monthly Goals & Tracking Guide
  • Expenses & Recurring Bill Date Tracker
  • Affiliate Programs List – over 40 Affiliate programs you can join NOW
  • Blog Post Ideas – monthly suggestions and holidays/special events
  • Social Media Solutions
  • Over 150 Facebook Groups to Join
  • Weekly Facebook Group Engagement Tracker
  • Over 100 Pinterest Group Boards you can Join
  • Access to my exclusive pinning strategy that has skyrocketed my growth
  • and more!


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