Meet Grandi

Hi!  I’m Grandi.  Mom, Yia-Yia (that’s Greek for Grandma!), wife, office manager and organizational guru are among many of the hats I wear in a single day.  I created My Aggrandized Life as a way to hold myself accountable and share my journey to “Becoming Better” every day. 

I’m a self proclaimed math geek (I took math in college for FUN – yes, for FUN!), I love science and never thought I would love writing.  Surprise!  I have quite the varied background – degrees in Accounting, Psychology, Education (Montessori, Early Childhood and Exceptional), and Human Resources.  I love to help people and I love to learn.  I joke that I will be in school forever because I am always looking for something new to learn.

My goal here at My Aggrandized Life is to inspire busy moms by implementing simple Montessori-inspired solutions to everyday mom struggles.  

I will help enrich your life, encourage you in times of need, and empower you to take the steps to living that incredible life you are always dreaming about. 

I was at the point where I realized I was living life on the surface – a slippery one – and was just skating by, barely getting through the days.  I have a  husband who is more than my best friend – he’s my soulmate, my rock, confidante, and the love of my life.  We have 4 children (and a granddaughter – yes I was a VERY young mom!) whom we adore and enjoy being with. 

Family time is our most precious time. 

But I was feeling rushed and stretched too thin and I started missing things.  Not on purpose.  I felt frantic.  I wasn’t looking forward to the days anymore because I was overcome with the feeling that I would inevitably miss something and let someone down. 

I needed simple solutions for my everyday tasks – so I called on what I knew so well – the Montessori method.  Really it’s a lifestyle.  Stick around and I will show you how.  

Already I have found ways to become better.  You will see I use the phrase (or a similar one) “becoming better every day” in my posts.  I use it as a mantra if you will – a constant reminder of what I am working to achieve.  We need positive affirmations in our lives.  We have to believe in ourselves.

I am doing that.  You can too. 🙂

11 Fun Facts About Me

  1.  We are a DC Comics family.  I love WonderWoman (even have a one-of-a-kind tattoo my husband designed for me of Wonder Woman)!  The 5 of us have our own secret superhero identities (Superman, WonderWoman, Flash, Batman, Martian Manhunter – bet you can’t guess who is who!).
  2. I am a die-hard, super huge, Carolina Panthers fan!  Like, no kidding.   Football season is my season.  Every Friday I wear black and blue and something Panthers. 😉  I LOVE MY PANTHERS.  Me, overboard?  Nah! 
  3. The beach is my happy place.  If I could spend my life at the beach, I would be amazingly happy.  I love everything about it.
  4. One of my favorite things to do is sit out on my porch during a rain storm with a book (usually a Patricia Cornwell book because she’s my absolute favorite author!), blanket, and a cup of tea or coffee.  I find the rain so peaceful and refreshing.  I love a good thunderstorm.   
  5. I love the arts.  We are an artistic family.  We have a dancer, cellist, violinist, and visual artist in the family.  Oh, and 3 of us are writers!
  6. Coffee, tea, and tulips are 3 of my favorite things.   Mornings don’t start without my coffee, and the day ends with a cup of hot lavender chamomile tea.  Routines do amazing things for us. 
  7. I love nail polish.  My daughter and I actually have a tradition (because ‘habit’ or ‘addiction’ sounds so bad!) of every time we go shopping we pick up one new bottle of nail polish.  Our collection is pretty amazing and it’s fun to see the trends of colors we choose based on season – spring/summer are bright colors; during football season of course we pick lots of Carolina Panther blues and blacks! 🙂
  8. I am Greek.  I love to cook Greek food.  I create my own special recipes for baklava, and teach my kids how to cook authentic Greek food.  I have never been to Greece but it is my dream to take my family there.
  9. I absolutely love being creative and DIY projects.  Often I will challenge myself to see how little I can spend (under $10!) to make something absolutely amazing.  I call this “BUDGET DIYing”  You will see many of those projects in my DIY category.
  10. I am absolutely NOT techy at all.  I started this blog with NO CLUE how to do any of it, but I love a challenge!  Working on my blog is going to take quite the bit of persistence because sometimes I can’t even figure out how to turn on the tv!  (haha).  Thank goodness my husband is an IT guru!  🙂
  11. I am an avid Montessori advocate.  I love the Montessori method.  I was a Montessori School Director for many years.  All of my children have gone through Montessori school. Now my granddaughter is starting her Montessori journey.  I love to implement Montessori principles in our home. 

I am so happy you are here and it is my sincere hope that you will not only enjoy my blog, but that you will find helpful information to enrich, encourage, and equip yourself to love the life you live. 

Stay awhile – let me know what I can do for you.  Leave a comment and tell me what speaks to you.  What do we have in common?

I am thrilled you are joining me in the quest to become better every day!