How to Grow Your Blog Following

Sometimes social media sucks.  Sometimes it’ll rock your world.  Algorithms change and social media and Pinterest can be temperamental.  

Build your email list.  It’s the only thing that’s yours.

 Trust me –  I am experiencing this first hand – Instagram is NOT my friend right now.  The cute caption on the photo of my son’s school supplies choices simply disappeared after I posted it.  Not sure why.  I didn’t have more than the allowed 35 hashtags (it’s a pound sign really, but hey – I’ll call it whatever you want me to if it works). 🙂

I have been courting my social media accounts lately, but not quite as much as I should.  And my poor email list has been neglected and overlooked.  Not anymore.  

I will be sending more emails with a lot more awesome content that is reserved specifically for those of you on my email list.  I’ll be over-delivering on my promises.  Giving away more than I should.  

And I am okay with that.  Why?  Because my email list is mine.  It’s important to me.  

You all believed in me enough to subscribe to my email list, and I want to make sure you get more than you signed up for.  

If you have not signed up for my email list, do it now before you miss what I am about to send to my list.  Trust me – you will be kicking yourself if you aren’t on my list!  You’ll get immediate access to the free printables library, too!

Why?  Because I appreciate you.  Appreciation is the first step in growing your following.  Be genuine and then appreciate and celebrate each little step – each little bit of progress.  Things changed hugely for me when I started expressing my gratitude and not focusing so much on numbers.

I gained 2000 followers in about 30 days.  And now I want to help you do the same.  

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 DETERMINE YOUR PURPOSE, then decide what “success” means to you. 

Will you be successful if you make $10,000.00 a month? 

Or will you be successful if you have a reader comment how you have helped them? 

Will you define success by a large email subscription list? 

Will you define it by the feeling of accomplishment when you create fabulous content, or do you need the readership of thousands to validate you?   

Why do you want to write a blog, and what do you hope to gain from it? 

What are you good at?  Determine your niche. 

Then research other blogs of the same or similar topics.  Join their Facebook groups. (Join the My Aggrandized Life Facebook Forum here)  Follow them on Pinterest (You can follow me on Pinterest here).

Word of caution: don’t get lost in the social media jungle.  Set limits for yourself here.  Don’t spend all day on Facebook or Pinterest and not work on your site.  Just get in and get your feet wet a little bit every day while you’re working on your content. 

Remember: killer content is what will draw people to your site and keep them coming back for more.

How to Grow Your Blog Following by Thousands


Where do you want to be in 90 days?  6 months?  1 year from now? 2 years? 

Make a list for each time frame and post it up for you to see while you work.  This will help you stay motivated.  Building your blog is a huge amount of work, but it pays off in the long run. 

Remember – this is a long-term goal, not a make money overnight thing.  Anyone who tells you you should be making a ton of money right off the bat is lying to you.  This takes hard work and dedication.  It takes time.  And lots of it.  And you have to want it.  You’ll get there, but not overnight.  Be realistic and celebrate the milestones – big or small.

Sign up for the following courses from successful bloggers. 

*Yes, some of these are affiliate links and I may make a small commission if you purchase a course through my link.  Please see full disclosure page for details. 

My suggestion is to take one at a time and implement all of the suggestions in each course before moving on to the next one.  All of these have absolutely amazing information in them, but trying to move between multiple courses at once will just distract you from making daily progress. 

As long as you are working to build your blog and following these successful bloggers’ instructions, you will make money. 

Please remember, they have been blogging for YEARS and have gotten to where they are today as a result of lots of time and hard work.  It does not happen overnight.  

If you’re serious about blogging, you really do need the help from these courses to get you going – it’s like a jump start and eliminates TONS of wasted time.

  1. Suzi’s Blog by Number and List by Number Courses!
  2. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing with Amazon, you will want to grab the Amazon Affiliate ebook to get you started on the right path.  It will save you a TON of time and running in circles.
  3. Sign up for Elite Blog Academy (or the EBA waitlist if the window isn’t open yet).  Ruth is amazing.
  4. Sign up for Abby’s Building a Framework ebook/Course
  5. Michelle’s making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course
  6. In October (the 4th – 9th to be exact), the Ultimate Bundles Genius Bloggers Toolkit comes out – this is super action packed with all of the resources new and seasoned bloggers need.  I will be purchasing it myself – I am so excited! 
Ultimate Bundles always over-delivers.  These are some of the amazing resources available in the “Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle” on sale now.  There are tools I use  and love in here for my blog as well as at home with my family, and it’s just in time for Back to School!  Grab yours now by clicking on the banner.  🙂

If you have not launched your site yet, write about 10 posts.  If you have launched, set a posting schedule and STICK TO IT.

Some people say 15-20, but I launched mine with 10.  It worked.  

Edit them, add pictures.  Make sure they are fully ready for launch! 

*Be patient.  Work on QUALITY content.  This will take a while.  If you’re a working mom and a perfectionist like me, then a single post could take you a few hours to make perfect (I’m talking drafting, revising, adding graphics, the whole shebang!). 

Some days I only get about 15 minutes at a time to sit in front of my computer and work – this is why I now get up at 4:30am every morning to have that hour to myself before I wake up the house for the day.

I started with trying to post 3 times a week, but to  be honest, it was just too much.  I  now post twice a week:  My Simple Solutions series is published on Saturday or Sunday each week and then I have my Montessori Mondays series on Mondays.  My content is more focused and valuable and the results are amazing.

Your audience will know exactly what to expect and it creates a routine for them.  And for you.  I have had more success with this schedule than posting 2-3 times a week whenever i feel like it.  

Fall in love with Pinterest.  Create MULTIPLE pins for each post. 

Make them beautiful, simple and notable.  Remember to have your logo and website on each pin.  Branding! Make sure your brand is easily recognizable on each pin.  For example, all of my pins have the same purple color on them, either in the elements, or font.  I also use the same 2 fonts for my pins.  

Another thing I have recently started as well is having all of my images for a post be centered around a certain theme.  This keeps everything uniform and not all over the place.  

The images for this post all have post-it notes on them.  Why post-it notes?  Because I use post-it notes for important to-do notes and also to jot down goals.  I also use them for planning.  This post deals with all of that, so post-it notes are an appropriate image choice.  😉  

How to Grow Your Blog Following By Thousands

Create a freebie or a few. 🙂 

The more the merrier, as you can draw different types of readers who will be interested in your site. Plus, this shows variety, but make sure your variety is still on topic for your blog. 

For example, I have several freebies.  Sometimes it is good to have a couple so you can see what works and what doesn’t.  My Free Time Management Course has been popular, as has my Busy Blogging Mom’s Survival Guide.  

I also have opt-ins for Facebook Groups:  Super Moms United Facebook Group, Ultimate Bloggers to Follow Facebook Group, and my Best Mommy Bloggers Pinterest Group Board

All of my freebies have to do with family and kids, but I can appeal to moms with children of all ages with all of those freebies, so I will draw a larger audience than just the one freebie for toddler moms.

Create a landing page with ConvertKit to gather emails and grow your list prior to launch.   ConvertKit is offering a free 30-day trial right now, so grab it up here if you don’t have an email provider service.   

This way you already have an audience who is ready for your help once you launch your site and they will be eager to learn what you have to offer!  Offer your freebies in exchange for email addresses on the landing page.

Create Facebook images and links for each post. 

Choose 10 posts to promote on Facebook to draw traffic.  You can send these to your landing pages to gather email addresses.  You will also want to schedule your posts for a week at a time, so you will probably want to set up automation for this.  I suggest using Facebook’s scheduler because it is free.  Otherwise, there are other tools, such as Buffer, IFTTT, or Loomly (formerly Calendy) that work great too, but sometimes for a fee.  Loomly has a free trial and no credit card is required to start, so that would be my suggestion.

Sign up for Board Booster and Tailwind and set up your accounts on each.  

You will want to use Board Booster for pin sourcing and looping and Tailwind for Tribes and semi-looping through Board Lists.  I use both of these services and I also pin on my own as well.  This strategy has helped hugely.  I have McKinzie’s (from Moms Make Cents) Traffic Trajectory strategy and it has made a huge difference in my traffic and engagement.  

Create an email campaign in ConvertKit 

You want to make sure you have an email sequence already ready to go when someone subscribes to your blog.  If you have a genius idea for a product, you could even do a seed launch to not only draw more subscribers, but to also start gaining trust and finding out exactly what your audience wants!

Now you’re ready to launch!  Go on – you can do it.  I believe in you! 🙂  You have great things to share with the world.

Do you need help planning and organizing your blog, or your life, or both?  Yes?  Great!  You need the Busy Mom’s Survival Guide.   Enter your email address below to have a free sneak peek sent directly to your email!

Have you just started or launched your blog?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below with your blog url and your elevator pitch to share with me.  I would love to check it out and maybe even feature you on my next “Ultimate Bloggers to Follow” post!

Maybe you’re still just thinking about launching.  That’s great!  Leave a comment and let me know what is stopping you from launching.  Tell me – what do you need to launch?  How can I help you?

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32 comments on “10 Things You Can Do To Grow Your Blog Following by Thousands in 30 Days”

  1. These are great tips Grandi! I’ve been following your blog since I first started back in February. You’ve been a huge help and I credit a lot of my success to you! Especially the Printables Library idea! Many bloggers have sign-up forms on each individual post, where you email the freebie to them. I thought that was super confusing and just not worth the time. What if a reader misses that post?? Thanks to you I decided to go with a Library, where subscribers can access any printables I have, all in one place. You’re amazing and I LOVE your posts! Keep rockin’ it! You inspire me every day!

    • Victoria, you are too sweet! Thank you so much – I am honored. You have done an amazing job with your blog, too! Your library is great – I love all of the cute activities you included in it. Keep pushing forward – you have a great thing going as well and I am always here if you need anything!
      ~G. 🙂

  2. Excellent tips. If people desire for their blogs to experience growth, then they will need to make the proper investments in their blogs. As bloggers, we have to be students of our craft — if we want to reach our maximum potential.

  3. Wow, this was a seriously packed post! Thanks for all the great tips! I feel like I will come back again to the same post for more and to catch the parts I didn’t act on the first time!

  4. Wow i absolutely love this. This will really help me. I love your idea of having several freebies. As a mom blogger, i do need to be able to reach various moms.

  5. These are some of the amazing tips for bloggers like me. Please if your can suggest some tips to help me increase my Traffic from Google would be great.

    • Hi Jiya, the best thing I can say for Google is backlinks and SEO. Try writing a round up post of your favorite articles on a subject and link to those blogs. Let the bloggers know you are linking to them in your post and there’s a good chance some of them will link back to yours. As for SEO, it’s KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS. 🙂

  6. These are all great tips and very useful! Thanks for sharing. I just launched two different sites last month and I’m still getting in the grooved of things with them both. It’s A LOT of work but I’m up for the challenge.

  7. Great tips! I wish I had read this before I launched my blog – I launched with one post, and although I got several up quickly, I think I would have done better with more. And I never thought about creating custom Facebook photos!

    • Hi Amy, You can always do a re-launch. Keep your site live, but when you have more posts, you can lead up to a re-launch. I would have an amazing freebie ready to go as well and promote it on all of your social media accounts as well – that will help you build your list AND your following.

  8. Great post. I launched my blog 3 weeks ago. I have a Facebook page, Pinterest page and email list…but most of my followers and subscribers are friends and family. I haven’t come up with a freebie yet and would love some feedback. I really appreciate it!

    • Hey Keli, Congratulations on your launch! It’s a big step! I love your blog and subscribed. Think about who your target audience is and create a freebie that will solve their problem. For example: I have a ‘Color-Code Your Life’ freebie that leads to an ebook/course to help busy moms get – and stay – organized during busy school days.

  9. I started my blog not too long ago and I need to start focusing on getting email subscribers. Thank you! I’m going to try out the 30 day trial of convert kit. Do you like it better than mail chimp?

    • Hi there – yes, actually I do. I chose ConvertKit because when I reached 1000 subscribers I would not have to change over. I am not a super techy person, so switching everything over is a nightmare idea for me.

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