Number 1 Trick of Successful Bloggers

I read a TON – I mean a TON of articles in my quest to build a successful blog. I wanted to know what the Number 1 trick of successful bloggers who make a full time income by blogging is.

Starting with articles and posts about picking a niche and a name and setting up my own hosting through all the way through articles about monetizing, SEO, and Social Media.

I have researched how to grow your email list – this is SUPER important too by the way.  Your list is your life. 🙂

I have read how to drive traffic to your site with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

I have read posts on how to create e-books, courses, and webinars.  I have taken webinars.

I have taken courses like this one to learn how to build my blog, help people, and make enough money to support my family.

I have researched how to grow your income from affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliates and from ads programs like Google AdSense.  (Which leads me to this: This page may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Thank you for supporting My Aggrandized Life and joining me on the journey to ‘Become Better Every Day’!)

I have read how important it is to join Tailwind for Pinterest and be involved with Tribes.  I know I need to join Pinterest group boards to help drive traffic and gain subscribers.  I have read how to network with other bloggers through Facebook and Facebook groups.

Oh, yes, I have read a LOT in my journey to build my blog.

I have read e-books and blog posts from the pros who have thousands of page views and email subscribers each month…not only do they have email subscribers, they have email subscribers who are ENGAGED in their blogs.  Their readers are RESPONSIVE.  They comment on posts, they email, they share posts and re-pin pins.


How do they drive all of this traffic to their blogs and make money?

Because they do.  They make THOUSANDS of dollars every month.

But what IS the Number 1 trick of successful bloggers?

It all comes down to ONE simple formula:  Authentic Killer Content + Awesome Value = More Traffic (a.k.a. Subscribers & Engaged Readers)

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Each and every piece of work I have read has this one thing in common:  be authentic and write killer contentFocus on what your readers want. Give your readers something of value and not only will they read what you have to say, but they will engage and they will stay.  Sure page views are great, but repeat readers with whom you can build a relationship and a foundation of trust and community are what you are really seeking.

Let’s break it down into manageable bits and I will show you how to incorporate each piece in the formula to guarantee a successful blog.

 Part 1: Be authentic.

It’s simple.  Readers want to identify with you, and they want you to solve their problem.  How do you get people to read your posts?  Be authentic.  Show them you are a real person behind the post and identify with them.  They want to know you know what you’re talking about and that they can trust you.  How does what you’re writing about apply to you and to them?  What do you have in common?

  Part 2: Follow these tips to WRITE KILLER CONTENT:

Problem? Solution!

Tell them their problem and then give them the solution for it.  Don’t sugar coat and don’t make it more difficult than it is.  Break it down into easy pieces and make it awesome and relevant to your readers.  Solve their problem for them and they will keep coming back to see what else you can help them with.

The famous freebie!

Give them a piece of the solution they can hold on to.  I am a visual person.  You can tell me something all day and I will smile and nod at you and say ‘yep, I got it!’ but the minute you walk away, whatever you were telling me is gone too.  However, SHOW it to me, and I have it forever.  Give them a free printable with your website name on it as a reminder of where it came from and you’ll have forever readers.  (I started building my email list before my blog launched by offering this freebie.)   Plus, they may share it on their Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, or pin it to Pinterest and it will generate more traffic for you.  It’s a win-win!

Number 1 Trick of Successful Bloggers

Call to Action and Ask Questions

Be the example of what you want from your readers.  You want an engaged, responsive group of subscribers?  Be engaged and responsive with your readers.  Call them to action in your posts and emails.  Invite them to subscribe to your email newsletter.  Ask questions.  And when they answer, RESPOND to them!  Be engaged with them.  Show them you care and be their friend.  They are looking to you as an authority on a subject.  Be that gentle authority.  Be a friend.  You never know where someone is in life.  Your simple words or response could mean the world to them.  You could be the reason they try something new.  You could be the reason they gain confidence and take that leap of faith!

So if you’ve skipped all the way down to the end, I’ll give you the quick version again:

If you want engaged readers and quality traffic to your blog, you MUST implement the Number 1 Trick of Successful Bloggers who make a full-time income from their blogs.  I am on this journey with you.  If I can do it, so can you!  I’m a super busy mom with a house full of kiddos who have multiple activities – I know how it feels to want to be there for every single activity and not miss a thing.  I can help you do that, too! 

Start with this:  Be authentic and offer killer content.  That’s all.  It’s simple. 

What do you want to achieve?  What is your goal?  Do you have any ideas or tips about killer content and authenticity?  Leave me a comment below.  I would love to hear from you!


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