Recently I asked the question on my Facebook page:  would you rather know a little about a lot of things (be a ‘jack of all trades, but quite possibly a master of none), or know a LOT about one thing?  Would you rather be ‘limited’ but be able to do ONE thing and do that ONE thing well?  And are you really limited if you do that?  Have you ever wondered how to establish yourself as an expert among or even your readers or peers?

Have you met someone who is a know-it-all about everything under the sun?  I have.  It’s pretty annoying.  Have you met someone who is super-knowledgeable about one subject?  That’s a totally different thing, isn’t it?  Chances are, you see this person as a subject matter expert and look to them for answers when you have questions on their particular area of expertise.

Examples of Subject Matter Experts  – a.k.a. Genius Bloggers

For example, when I have blog questions and need an answer, I call on Courtney Helena, Blogging Coach in her Facebook group.

When I am looking for smart budgeting tips, I have gone to Rosemarie Groner’s Busy Budgeter site.

Check out Rosemarie’s upcoming Free Webinar  (as part of the promo for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit) on the best ROI for your time (okay, yes, so it deals with blogging too – but she’s amazing.  She went from $0 – 5 figures in 18 months with her blog, so I consider her an expert!)

I just purchased my own copy of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is!  The bonuses ALONE are amazing!  There are so many amazing courses, webinars, workbooks and resources in it.

Want your own copy of Genius Bloggers Toolkit?

* This is an affiliate link which means if you purchase through  my link, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  I fully believe in the Ultimate Bundles Team and I already have my copy – which I love and would absolutely buy again!

If I want home organization and decor tips, I call on Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog as well as her new Abby Organizes You Tube channel.

If you want organization and tips for how to simplify your life with a busy family, you can check out the Color Code Your Life workbook to get you started!

How to Become a Subject Matter Expert instead of A Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing

  1.  Discover your Passion a.k.a. Your Hidden Talent.  Check out this post on how to find your hidden talent and use the free workbook to help you!
  2. Do one thing and do it well. What is one thing you could speak about for 30 minutes if you were given only 5 minutes to prepare?  That’s what you are an expert on.
  3. Search out other subject matter experts and see if there is a need for your area of expertise.  How is is marketed?  How popular is it?  Do not copy others, but do your research.  You don’t want to spend a ton of time working on something only to find your audience isn’t interested in it.
  4. LEARN – Always learn.  Life changes and there are always updates.  Make sure you continue to learn all you can even though you’re an expert because the last thing you want to do is provide outdated information.  That can ruin your credibility.  Stay up with the trends and the advances.  Trust me.  This can be your biggest success or failure.
  5. Make a plan and organize your thoughts.  What problem does your expertise solve?  What is the simplest way to present it to your audience?
  6. Make sure you stay focused.  It is important to remember that to be an expert on anything you  must be uber-focused on your subject.  Do not stray away from your topic.
  7. Prove it.  What have you done to establish yourself as an expert?  What results have you achieved?  Now is the time to ‘toot your own horn’ in a way.  Don’t just tell me why I should listen to you and learn from you.  Show me why.  For example, I am great at organization and schedules.  I have a family command center and have color coded our family activities.  This has helped us stay organized, be on time, and be more prepared for anything life throws at us.  The systems I use have worked and can be adapted to suit the needs of many families, regardless of their size.  If you would like a preview of the system I use, you can find the free workbook here.

Here’s a quick recap for you:

Be an EXPERT, not a Know-It-All.

Do One Thing and Do It Well.

Always Keep Learning.

Share Your Knowledge.

Prove It.

I would love to hear what you are an expert on!  Leave a comment and tell me – what problem can you help me solve?

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