Each month, I meet new bloggers through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest who are absolutely amazing.  I decided to write a monthly series to showcase these amazing bloggers and help them get their names out there.  This month, I am showcasing a number of extraordinary “Super Moms” if you will – a very special group of dedicated women who will stop at nothing to fulfill their dreams.  Who are they?  They’re Mommy Bloggers.  

I have looked into their site, followed their social media, and subscribed to their blogs.  They all have amazing content to share, and I encourage you to go explore what they have to offer.  If you’re interested, please subscribe to their blogs and show your support.  Let them know you found them here. 🙂

Ultimate Bloggers to Follow: Mommy Blogger Edition

Tiffany of Happy Mom Brain  She blogs about mental health and parenting.  She has this great post titled, “Bullying Put Mama Bear Back in Her Cave” that I absolutely love and recommend that EVERY mom read.  Like right now.  Go read it.  I’ll wait.  It’s so worth your time.

Nina of Chaos in Mommyhood has a great Summer Bucket List in case you are looking for ideas of what to do with your littles this summer.  She also has one of the best, most engaged and authentically helpful Facebook groups, Mom Blog Tribe.  If you’re looking for a fantastic group of moms who offer support to each other as we work through the challenges of being busy moms and busy bloggers, you absolutely MUST join us in Mom Blog Tribe.

Want more mom tips and resources?  Join our Super Moms United group!

Suzi of Start A Mom Blog and Blog By Number:  Suzi’s blog is one of the first I started following when I finally made the decision to jump into this blogging life (which I love so much, by the way!).  Blog By Number is the first course I invested in for blogging and it was the best thing I could have done.  Not only is it priced extremely affordable, the value of Suzi’s course is priceless.  The spreadsheets and step by step videos are what helped me successfully set up my siteand learn how to market it – she pretty much taught me everything about blogging – WAY beyond the usual “choose a niche, set up on BlueHost, ok course complete” stuff that you find in the usual inexpensive blogging courses.  She takes you way beyond that.  She updates her course information (like the newest update of 480 Pinterest group boards that are accepting contributors!  whoa!) and since I already am enrolled, I get these updates for free.  For life.   I am so grateful for her course, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is starting a blog, and even those who already have a blog.  This course is a must if you are serious about blogging and you want to monetize.

Blog by Number

Tara of Travel Plus Family blogs about travel with family.  Her site is super helpful and I really enjoyed her Vacation at Home post.  Sometimes summer can be tough on the budget – I know it is for us, so the vacation at home idea was fantastic.  If you’re looking for frugal vacation ideas and super helpful tips on family vacations, you absolutely must check out Travel Plus Family.  If you love Disney, she has some great tips as well!

Gina of Momm(a)Musing and Dot Dot Smile x Gina.  Gina has a lifestyles of the modern momma blog.  Her site is filled with humor and great tips.  I especially love her Blogs I Love page (you can find me there!) because it fits with this series as well.  If you’re looking for other blogs to follow, check out her Blogs I Love page, too.  Gina also has a children’s clothing line that I am super excited about.  It is the Dot Dot Smile line and you can find the Dot Dot Smile x Gina Spy Facebook page here.  If you’re looking for super cute, super affordable kids’ clothes, check out Gina’s Dot Dot Smile inventory.  Gina is looking for brand ambassadors and hostesses to help her promote her line.  If you are interested, please reach out to her via her links above.  There are lots of benefits to this – I’m jumping on the opportunity now! 🙂

Victoria of My Momtastic Life has a super cute blog.  I love her tagline:  “Figuring Out Motherhood One Diaper at a Time”.  I mean come on, how cute – an accurate! – is that?!  Her DIY craft section has some great ideas (I love the footprint keychain) and if you’re a new mom, I recommend you check out her Momtastic Must-Haves page for some great product recommendations.  I definitely recommend following My Momtastic Life if you don’t already.

Gayle Smith of The Ever Simple Mom has lots of great articles on organization, parenting, and kids’ activities.  Gayle was kind enough to write an amazing guest post on What to Do When Your Kid Hates Car Rides.  If you have ever had to potty train a child, or if you are getting ready to potty train a toddler, you will definitely love her 375 Steps to Potty Train Your Toddler Post.  She had me rolling on the floor with her humor and accuracy!

Amelya of Homemaking with Millie blogs about grace filled homeschooling, homemaking, & healthy living.  I love her 5 Tips to Help Your Child Transition to Chapter Books and Love Them post.  We have a house full of people who love to read, but we struggle with my youngest so this post was super helpful.  She has a homeschooling category too, which is helpful to all of the homeschool moms, so if you homeschool, or are considering it, check out Homemaking With Millie.

Leah of Mama Bear Martin has a minimalist + motherhood blog that I love.  Like me, she shares her blogging journey with her readers, but she is a few months ahead of me and has a lot more detail in hers.  I have found her blog very helpful and insightful.  I love her income report posts because she doesn’t just say “oh I earned money yay!”  She tells you in very specific detail what works for her and the steps she takes to meet her goals.  I love it.  If you’re a momma blogger – or any new blogger – her site is a must-follow.

McKinzie of Moms Make Cents is another blogger I have been following since I started to embark upon this blogging journey.  Her blog inspired me to take that leap of faith and start blogging.  She has a free Pinterest course that is super helpful and when you implement her strategy, you will see results almost immediately.  McKinzie also has her course Traffic Trajectory that is absolutely amazing.  This is the 2nd course I took when I started blogging and not only does she help you skyrocket your Pinterest traffic, she tells you as a whole how to drive traffic to your site, how to get free advertising for your blog on other blogs (a SUPER simple strategy, btw!), and how to get noticed as a blogger.  I waited longer than I should have to take this course – and I paid WAY less than this course is worth.  Had it been offered for 3x the price, I would have paid it.  It’s that good.

Traffic Trajectory

Anitra of Chronicles of a Momtessorian is a Montessori teacher and a mom.  We share the love and practical implementation of Montessori in our lives, so of course I had to feature her here as a Blogger to Follow.  Check out her guest post on this week’s Montessori Monday series.  Anitra offers downloads in her Keys2Montessori store so if you are looking for more information on how to implement Montessori in your life, please check out her blog and her Keys2Montessori page.

Kirsta of Mama of the Drama:  I love the honesty and straightforward air of her blog.  Her recent post, Dirty Mommy Truth:  I Want to Throw a Tantrum Too! just hits home for me.  She really makes me laugh and completely identify with her at the same time.  She writes about the things we always think about as moms but are afraid to write about.  She has only been blogging for 2 months, but already she is one to follow.

Starr of Adulting Mama has a lot of great info on her blog.  I particularly love her Please Don’t Force My Son to Apologize post.   Have you ever received an insincere apology from someone?  What about you?  Do you find the words “I’m sorry” rolling off your tongue and not having any meaning behind the words?  I don’t know about you, but I really hate an insincere apology.  I, too, like Starr, have taught my children to actually feel empathy rather than just say sorry.  Her post is amazing and offers so much insight.  If you’re a mom, or if you come into contact with kids ever in your life (yep, I just said EVERYONE in the world) , then you should read this post. You can find her page on Facebook here.   I follow her – join me!

As a bonus, I have selected 3 Lifestyle Bloggers to highlight this month:

Nikki of Keeping Up With Kiki – Nikki has a Lifestyle and Travel blog that has been up and running for about a year.  Happy Blogiversary next month, Nikki!  She has tips from everything from frugal living to design and decor.  There is something for everyone on her blog.  She just had an amazing giveaway, so keep an eye open for more giveaways on her site.

Lauren of Ell Duclos writes about lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and more.   I love her blog because it is simple and super user friendly.  She has great beauty and fashion advice.  She has a very active Facebook group, Boss Girl Bloggers, which I absolutely love.  It has been so helpful and has really helped me with my Facebook strategy.  I highly recommend joining the group  if you’re looking for helpful groups to join.  Lauren is running a new 28 day blogging challenge  – I am joining and I encourage you to do so as well!

Lisa Roe of Lisa Designs Life: Lisa has been blogging for 3 months and I absolutely LOVE her beautiful design ideas! If you are looking for simple, yet elegant design, you absolutely MUST check out her blog!  Lisa offers so many free helpful resources, such as FREE planners for the Organizers, a Dos and Don’ts of Home Decorating for the decorators, and plenty of other printables! Keep your eye out for her amazing give a way of natural products. You’ll be happy you did.  Lisa also has a Facebook Group, New Bloggers Support Group, of which I am a member, and I love it.  I highly suggest it if you are a new blogger looking for support.

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