Inspire Your Teenager to Accomplish Great Things, reach their goals, and achieve their dreams. Find out how simply filling their cup each day can put them on the path to future success. Get ready for college, working after school, or being a strong peer leader. Parenting teenagers isn't hard. It's a gift.

How to Inspire Your Teenager to Greatness

Find out how I doubled my income from home with this course and am now able to spend more time with my kids! If you’re feeling super overwhelmed with life right now, check out this great Free Bonus: 3 Strategies to Stop Feeling so Overwhelmed – it made a huge difference for me and it […] Read more…

Build trust with your teenager through consistency. Parenting teenagers is hard, figuring out how to discipline a teenager can be a challenge. Build trust and open communication with your teenager by keeping your word and being consistent. Find out more with The 20 Minute Mom

How to Build Trust With Your Teenager

HOW DO YOU BUILD TRUST WITH YOUR TEENAGER?  BE CONSISTENT. Welcome back to Day 7 of the 28 days to repair or strengthen your relationship with your teenager series.  We have already talked about how to celebrate quick wins with your teen and how to be the best parent to your teenager.  Next up in our series is learning […] Read more…

Do you use positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement with your parenting style? Join The 20 Minute Mom in a 28 day challenge for parenting teenagers. You will become closer, repair damage puberty has wreaked on your relationship, and find oyou are enjoying your teen more and choosing your battles less.

Positive Reinforcement or Negative Reinforcement – What’s Your Parenting Style?

DOES YOUR PARENTING STYLE FOCUS MORE ON POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT OR NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT? Welcome back to Day 5 of the 28 days to repair or strengthen your relationship with your teenager.  We have already talked about how to be the parent your child needs and how to find common ground with your teen.  Now – let’s […] Read more…

PArenting teenagers is hard - find out how to stop fighting with your teenager and how to find common ground when you're at odds with your child

How to Find Common Ground When You’re at Odds With Your Child

Parenting kids of any age is hard.  I am not here to lie to you.  It doesn’t get any EASIER.  You just GET USED TO IT and learn a whole lot…REALLY FAST.  Fast forward to having a teenager and all of a sudden puberty wreaks havoc on your house.   Any caring parent, good parent, engaged, supportive, or […] Read more…

5-Ingredient Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

10 Stupid Simple Dinners You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less – My Go-To Meals for Busy Moms

It’s the middle of the week, you’re tired, and the kids are “starving!!!” The absolute last thing you want to do is stand over a hot stove cooking for hours after your long day.  Ordering pizza sure sounds like a fantastic plan at this point.  Even though pizza does technically cover the 5 food groups […] Read more…


Everything A Busy Family Needs for the Holidays: A Shopping Guide to Avoid the Crowds

The holidays are fast approaching.  Are you ready?   Hopefully, you can quickly grab everything a busy family needs for the holidays in this post.  And – you can avoid the crowds! Usually by this time of the year I already have my Christmas tree theme and decoration colors picked out.  This year – well, let’s just […] Read more…

5 Ways to Connect With Your Kids - You can do these 5 things in just 10 minutes to build trust and connect with your kids intentionally.

5 Ways to Connect With Your Kids Today

There’s a difference between being somewhere with your kids and actually being WITH your kids. What is the difference between talking AT someone, talking TO someone, or talking WITH someone? Going to a football game and watching your son play is just being at the game.  You’re not interacting with him. You’re there, but you’re […] Read more…

How to Earn enough money online so you can quit your day job - Great tips from the 20 minute mom

8 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Without a Full-Time Job

Short on Time?  You Can Do These Things in Less Than 4 Hours a Day to Make Money Without a Full-Time Job This post contains affiliate links.  I only link to products I personally use and love, and it is my hope you will love them too.  Any income I receive from these affiliate links […] Read more…


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